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Cub Water Activity


What will I be doing? You will complete four bases, each lasting about an hour. These will usually be sailing, Bellboating, rafting and water safety; although this may be changed depending upon the weather. The Nautical Skills Stage 2 badge will be covered and included. The day will also qualify for a Time on the Water badge.

When can I come?

Saturdays: or, Sundays:
  • Saturday 19th May,
  • Saturday 16th June,
  • Saturday 14th July.
  • Sunday 3rd June,
  • Sunday 1st July,
  • Sunday 2nd September,
  • Sunday 23rd September.

We start at 10.30 am and finish at 3.45 pm.

How much will it cost? £16.00 per Cub which includes the badge.

Essential information: Cubs should be able to swim 50m as per Scout rules. Everyone needs to bring a complete change of clothing and a towel. It is important to wear warm clothing for water activities, as it feels cooler on the water. Green Withens is situated high on the moors and is often colder than less exposed sites. Plenty of warm clothing and waterproof jacket and overtrousers or similar windproof outer garments and a woolly hat are necessary. Old trainers or similar soft footwear, with socks should be worn. If it happens to be warm and sunny don’t forget a sunhat and suntan lotion.

There is no drinking water on site, please bring your own drinks and snacks.

Course Documents:

Cub Water Activity Day Handout
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Cub Water Activity Paper Application Form

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