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Dragon Boat Badge

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Details: These badge course days will use our Bellboats and be organised in teams on a District basis. Each team will consist of ten Scouts and a Leader (who is prepared to go on the water). The morning will be spent learning to paddle, understanding water safety and racing rules. In the afternoon will be a series of races to find the District winning team. They will usually be organised on Sundays, with a minimum number of two teams, up to a maximum of six teams.

Times: Starting at and finishing times will be subject to the number of teams.

Cost: The cost is only £75.00 for a team of ten Scouts and a Leader. This includes proficiency badges and a certificate.

How to book: If you would like to organise a Dragon Boat Badge Day for your District, please ring 01484 425524 or email bookings@greenwithens.org.uk

Essential information:

Scouts should be able to swim 50m as per Scout rules. (If you have any non-swimmers who would like to go afloat, please discuss it with us in advance.) Everyone needs to bring a complete change of clothing and a towel. It is important to wear warm clothing for water activities, as it feels cooler on the water. Green Withens is situated high on the moors and is often colder than less exposed sites. Plenty of warm clothing and a waterproof jacket and overtrousers or similar windproof outer garments and a woolly hat are necessary. Old trainers or similar soft footwear, with socks should be worn. Shorty wetsuits may be fine on the beach but are not usually suitable for Green Withens unless worn with other clothing.

If it happens to be warm and sunny don’t forget a sunhat and suntan lotion. There is no drinking water on site, please bring your own drinks and snacks.

Groups are to be accompanied by sufficient leaders to meet the correct ratios and are responsible for operating the Scout InTouch scheme. They must have all the relevant contact details and health declarations. Form FS120081, which is downloadable from www.scouts.org.uk is ideal for this purpose. The team leader at Green Withens must be informed of any relevant medical information or special needs.

Course Documents:

Dragon Boat Badge Handout

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